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The Be GLAD® program is designed for teachers, educational support professionals, administrators, and those who work with children and adolescents to provide instruction for meeting the myriad challenges in learning the English language. This certificate is comprised of three courses designed for the Basic Be GLAD® Certificate. All courses must be taken in sequential order. In order to enroll in the next course, one must successfully complete the previous course in the sequence. Upon successful completion of all three courses, a certificate of completion will be presented by Be GLAD.

*This certificate is equivalent to our in-person 6 day professional development (2-Day Workshop and Classroom Demonstration).


Course Objectives

At the end of each course students will be able to:

  • Engage in self-reflection and metacognition toward the application of Be GLAD® strategies.
  • Develop personal critical thinking, inquiry and analysis skills related to the application of current knowledge concerning language acquisition, multi-cultural environments, social intelligence, and social skill development.
  • Advance a personal scholarship research agenda and evaluate skill development.

Be GLAD Certified Trainer presenting authentic Project GLAD strategies.

PDBG 9001: Pedagogy and Theoretical Construction

This is the first of three courses designed for the Basic Be GLAD® Certificate. This course focuses on pedagogy and theoretical constructions of the Be GLAD® program. It includes history, theory and research that undergirds Be GLAD® cognitive and affective strategies for language acquisition and development.


Be GLAD videos showcase the application of strategies being used with real students with a variety of language levels.

PDBG 9002: Classroom Observations and Analysis

The second course focuses on Be GLAD® classroom observations and analysis, provides multiple opportunities to observe, write, take notes and respond to classroom modeling of Be GLAD® language acquisition strategies in action sessions. Students enrolled in this course shall be actively involved in research, readings, application of strategies, feedback, assessment and evaluation. Practical application of instructional methodology acquired is key to participant learning and success.


Be GLAD Certified Trainers facilitate a clear, structured process to build success in your own educational setting.

PDBG 9003: Professional and Curriculum Development

The last course is created for educators to develop artifacts in order to implement Be GLAD® methodology in the classroom. The course includes curriculum design, course integration of both California & National curriculum standards. Knowledge gained in the previous courses will be foundational to learning, knowing, analysis of course materials and understanding the related readings, peer feedback and evaluation techniques.

*After successfully completing courses PDBG 9001, 9002, and 9003, the Basic Certificate: Becoming a Be GLAD® Educator will be issued and your name will be added to our official national database of Certified GLAD Educators.

University of Pacific

We’re committed to extending professional development opportunities beyond the traditional environment by delivering online certificates and continuing education courses for working adults, as well as professional development classes for teachers seeking salary advancement. We’ve partnered with University of Pacific (UOP) to provide professional development credit. In order to receive credit through UOP, you’ll need to register with UOP directly.

University of the Pacific is a nationally ranked university with three distinct campuses united under one common goal: to educate and prepare the leaders of tomorrow through intensive academic study, experiential learning, and service to the community. Widely recognized as one of the most beautiful private university campuses in the West, the Stockton campus offers more than 80 areas of study in nine schools and colleges, including 25 graduate programs and 10 accelerated programs.

For more information about graduate level credit please contact University of the Pacific at:

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  • PDBG: 9002
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  • PDBG: 9003
    March 17, 2018
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  • PDBG: 9003
    March 24, 2018
    8:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • PDBG: 9003
    March 31, 2018
    8:00 am - 1:00 pm
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